Building Envelopment Maintenance
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Building Envelope Maintenance by BEMCO Pacific Services Inc.

BEMCO is the best choice for Building Envelope Maintenance. Incorporated 1999 in Vancouver, BEMCO was one of the first companies in British Columbia established to deal with the specific demands of exterior building maintenance.

At BEMCO, our goal is to provide a program that extends the service life of your building through regular reviews and maintenance of the exterior envelope. From writing comprehensive maintenance manuals to visual assessments to conducting exterior maintenance work, individual programs can be developed for each building.

Stopping or minimizing premature failure of building components, protects your investment. Preventing problems is far more cost effective than reacting to and repairing them. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance requirements of your buildings exterior, speak with someone who makes it their business because at BEMCO, protecting your investment is our business too.

Protecting your investment is our business too