Building Envelopment Maintenance
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Why Choose BEMCO

Bemco was incorporated in 1999 to deal specifically with all aspects of building envelope maintenance. From the writing of manuals, to physical inspections, to the completion of work required on a building. BEMCO has been at the forefront of developing practical manuals, inspection and reporting procedures. The thoroughness of our reviews as well as our use of elevation drawings marked with annotations showing the location of problem areas is unique. Our methodologies have become so widely accepted, they are now often emulated by other firms.

One of the keys to our success is the thoroughness of our reviews. While maintenance reviews can vary in scope, they should go beyond just walking around the perimeter of the building, or visiting a few suites in a hi-rise. Our building reviews include a close up look at materials, and in the case of hi-rise buildings, BEMCO personnel will scale the side of your building, viewing exterior components from a bosun’s chair. A full written report of our findings is issued on completion of our on site work. This report will allow you to develop more accurate pricing to complete maintenance or deficiency work around your building.


If firm A conducts 3 bosun chair drops around a 5 year old hi-rise building, they may be able to view 20% of the building exterior close up. In order for a contracting firm to provide pricing for repairs based on company A’s report, the contractor must do one of two things, either price only those items noted on the report, or multiply his estimate by a factor of five and assume the items noted in the report occur equally around the building. While it is not practical to conduct enough bosun chair drops to review every detail on the exterior of a hi-rise, we have found that typically 3 drops per elevation gives a more realistic synopsis of the building envelope condition. Pricing of work based on this more thorough review is more accurate and can be cheaper as the degree of accuracy in the quote increases.

While the number of drops on a hi-rise is specific to every project, it is important to know prior to engaging a company to conduct a review, what type of review they will actually be conducting.

For more information on projects completed and references, please follow the links provided, or ask around your office. We have worked with numerous property management firms, engineering firms, and strata’s, and we’re proud of our reputation.

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