Building Envelopment Maintenance
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What Does BEMCO Do

At BEMCO Pacific Services Inc. our objective is to assist you in protecting the value of your real estate through regular reviews and maintenance of your building’s exterior components. An aggressive preventative maintenance program is far more cost effective than the enormous cost of reacting to failures. The benefits of a proactive maintenance program go beyond the obvious, as a well maintained building is far more aesthetically appealing, and will command a higher market value.

Our company deals in all aspects of exterior building maintenance and is able to provide the following services:

The level of service provided varies from client to client, and is tailored to individual needs. While we have been engaged to provide everything from the initial maintenance manual, through to maintenance work on given projects, we can also provide any one of our services individually. Our clients come from all sectors of the building industry, and include developers, strata councils, contractors, property managers, architects and engineering firms.

Maintenance reviews can vary in scope, but should go beyond just walking around the perimeter of the building. Our building reviews include a close up look at materials, and in the case of hi-rise buildings, BEMCO personnel will scale the side of your building, viewing exterior components from a bosun’s chair. A full written report of our findings is issued on completion of our on site work.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance requirements of your building, please contact us at your convenience.

Protecting your investment is our business too